Charity Right
Charity Right Welfare Association Pakistan is a non-profit organization | Charity Right Pakistan is a registered food Charity, Registered under The Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860

Feed to Educate

Feed to Educate

The Program is focused on feeding underprivileged students of Pakistan so that they could continue education to their full potential. We provide freshly cooked meals along with 250ml milk packs and dates to students at their schools.o.

  • Students served per day: 3,200+
  • Number of schools: 15 (10 in Tharparker and 5 in Karachi)
  • Cost of one meal per day: PKR 150
  • Cost of one school per day (200 students on average): PKR 30,000
  • Cost of one school per year (40,000 meals): PKR 6,000,000

Thar Schools

S.No Schools Locations
Govt Primary & Middle School M Rahim Bajeer Kharo Bajeer
Kharo Bajeer, Malanhor Veena, Mithi, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.
Govt Primary School Karihar
Karihar, Sobhiyar, Diplo, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.
Govt High School Bhakuo
Govt Primary & Middle School Dedsar
Dedsar, Jhirmiryo, Diplo, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.
Govt Primary & Middle School Padhrio Soomra
Padhrio Soomra, Vijoto, Mithi, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.
Govt Primary 3 & Middle School Nanisar
Nanisar, Malanhor Veena, Mithi, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.
Govt Primary & High School Modoor
Modoor, Khetlari, Kaloi, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.
Govt Primary & High School Helario Pir
Helario Pir, Sobhiyar, Diplo, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.
Govt Elementry Campus School Qazi Sahib Dino
Qazi Sahib Dino, Bhittaro, Kaloi, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.
Govt Primary School Rohiraro
Rohiraro, Manjthi, Islamkot, Tharparkar, Mirpurkhas.